One Home One System


Access to fair and equitable mobility options in order to allow for the movement of goods, people and ideas to flow through the city.


Given access to the knowledge and resources to understand life in the 21st century, to challange the mind, body, and spirit.

Public Safety

To support the members of the community, promoting a sanctity for life and well being for everyone to prosper.

Public Health

The right to food, water, and shelter in the realization of a healthy quality of life so your zip codes doesn't determine life expectancy.

Workforce Development

Creating pathways to employment for 21st century jobs to build a robust economy for the city and livable wages for all.

Community Development

Engaging citizens in building a vision of the city that supports their personal and businesses growth without displacement.

We believe these issues need to be united.

Everything is connected. Here's how:

  • Every student that misses the buss, after they've missed 10% of school, reduces their gradation rate 
  • Every adult that has asthma due to poor building materials looses days of work
  • Every person that is evicted becomes at risk for major sickness that could have been prevented

Uniting our efforts means students study biology, at the vertical farm, & work to sell the crops